Owner operator of a Limousine Service…

I will save enough fuel in a short period to recoup my investment!

I am an Owner/Operator of a Limousine leased to Naperville Chauffeuring operating out of the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.
In November, 2006 I had a T-2500D Energy Recovery System installed in my 2004 Lincoln Executive Town Car by Naperville Auto Garage.

With the arrival of some cold weather I have really had a chance to use the System over the last several weeks. As I told Len Spencer of Spencer and Associates Ltd, one of Autothenn’s local Dealers, “I really like the System. This morning while I was waiting 45 minutes for a pick up with the temperature about 8° F outside, I was able to keep the car engine off most of that time and I remained warm in the cab.”

Something else that is nice about the ERS System, since I have the Deluxe Model, is that while I am comfortably awaiting my customer I can listen to the car radio with the ignition in the Off position. With the typical long, cold winters of the Chicago area I know that with not having to idle my engine to keep warn in the cab I will save enough fuel in a short period of time to recoup my investment.


January 19, 2007