Autotherm: Fuel Saving Products For Commercial Fleets and Owner-Operators

AUTOTHERM’s Energy Recovery System keeps the cabs heater working while the vehicle is turned off keeping the cab warm and the windshield free of snow and ice for hours without idling.

Save thousands of dollars each year in reduced fuel and maintenance costs on all of your trucks, limos and school buses.

Get in a warm cab during cold days without having to throw money away by idling the truck for several hours per day!

The AUTOTHERM® System is the most cost effective and Greenest energy efficient, no idle interior heating and ventilating system available.

It burns no fuel and emits no pollution.

The System is less than one quarter of a cubic foot in total volume and weighs less than four pounds.

How does Autotherm work?
AUTOTHERM functions by enabling the existing vehicle heater to operate with the engine off and recover the wasted heat energy, generated and paid for while the vehicle was driven. When the dashboard switch turns the AUTOTHERM System on at the beginning of the heating season, the heater automatically continues to operate each time the engine is turned off, giving hours of no idle interior heating. The driver can occupy or leave the vehicle safely locked and return later to a warm interior with windows free of ice and snow and ready to drive.

How long does it keep it warm?
The length of heater operation depends on the size of the engine (cooling system capacity) and outdoor temperatures and usually exceeds most day cab operational needs. A small pickup truck at freezing temperatures will run one to one and a half hours before shutting off; a large class eight truck may run three and a half to four hours before automatic termination occurs because coolant temperature has dropped to 95º F.

Idling is a very costly, energy inefficient and environmentally unfriendly way to keep a vehicle interior warm because it uses a 200 to 500 horse power engine to pump an average of 3 gallons of engine coolant a minute to the heater. This uses up to a gallon or more of fuel for each hour of idling and can significantly decrease engine life and increase the frequency of costly service intervals. The AUTOTHERM System in contrast, uses 1/100th of one horse power magnetically coupled pump to circulate the same amount of hot coolant to the heater as the idling engine does! Using the AUTOTHERM System in place of idling is an energy efficiency increase of thousands of times!

Redesigned and Easy-to-Install! 3 Easy Components!
Our redesigned AUTOTHERM System consists of three easy to install components:

  1. A pump installed in the hose, supplying hot water from the top of the engine to the heater core inlet;
  2. An indicator panel – System ON/OFF switch, installed on the dash;
  3. An easy-to-connect micro Central Control Unit [CCU] which installs under the dash.

Connections to the three components and the vehicle are made by way of easy to use, fool proof, plug-in cable harnesses.
Only five connections are made to the vehicle, B+, ground, two to the heater and one to any circuit that goes on and off with the ignition.