The Greenest System in the Idle Reduction Industry

Save thousands of dollars each year in reduced fuel and maintenance costs on all of your trucks, limos and school buses.

AUTOTHERM’s Energy Recovery System (ERS) keeps the cabs heater working while the vehicle is turned off keeping the cab warm and the windshield free of snow and ice for hours without idling.

Imagine getting in a warm cab during cold days without having to throw money away by idling the truck for several hours per day!

No idling = Big $avings!

Until now, the only ways to keep a truck cab interior warm when the vehicle was stationary in cold and wintery weather was to either install an expensive fuel fired heater or to idle the truck’s engine wasting thousands of dollars per year.

Meet the Autotherm Energy Recovery System
The Autotherm ERS is easy-to-install and will save each vehicle thousands of dollars per year. The Autotherm® ERS is more efficient than idling an engine and so cost-effective it pays for itself in fuel savings quickly.

Calculate idling costs and savings with our calculator.

Cabs stay warm for hours!

Turning the engine off every time you stop reduces fuel consumption by thousands of dollars each year.

Drivers can shut down their engine and load or unload freight, enjoy a meal and comfortably sleep for hours without idling their engine and the company profits away! The cab will stay comfortably warm for hours while the driver is out of the cab working or sleeping.

School buses run for a few hours bringing the children to school and then they sit and idle for hours keeping warm for the trip home after school. There’s no need to idle profits away anymore.

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