Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Autotherm Division reserves the right to change specifications, conditions, prices and terms without prior notice or obligation to do likewise on previous orders. Orders for ten or less pieces are accepted and priced for shipment at one time to a single location. Orders for 11 to 25 pieces are accepted and priced for shipment and billing to a single location over twO shipments within a maximum 6 month period from date of order. Orders for 50 or more units on a single purchase order are accepted for shipment to multiple locations over a maximum 6 month period from date of order and billing to a single location.

All prices are f.o.b. Lake Zurich, Illinois shipped UPS ground and subject to applicable sales taxes.
Major corporate purchase orders accepted on open account after established credit.
Major credit cards accepted after October 2006.
Terms: 1% 10th net 30.

Limited Warranty

Autotherm Division, Enthal Sytems, Inc. warrants the AUTOTHERM® ERS system to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of manufacture as identified by date code or serial number. It further warrants the circulating pump not to leak engine coolant (except at the hose connections) for the life of the original installation. This warranty is extended to two years when warranty registration is completed and mailed within thirty days of purchase.

All warranties assume the installation according to directions detailed in the installation instructions. Improper functioning, due to misinterpretation of instructions by installer, damage to product, or other defects determined to be caused by neglect to follow installation directions or cautions, are not covered by this warranty. The sole judges determining the nature or cause of defects, and the decision to repair or replace, shall be the company’s engineers, officers or empowered representatives. No decision shall be deemed precedent setting or obligate the company to do likewise under similar circumstances.

No warranty claim shall be accepted without prior authorization and the issuance of a warranty return authorization number prior to return of defective component. Return authorization may be requested in writing, by telephone, e-mail, or FAX, describing nature of claim. Upon issuance of return authorization number, parts shall be returned freight prepaid to the company’s factory. No collect freight or returned component will be accepted without return authorization number. Repaired or replaced components will be shipped to claimant’s address, freight prepaid.

No claim is made by Autotherm Division of Enthal Systems, Inc. as to fitness or merchantability of the Autotherm® ERS system for any purpose or function other than continuation vehicle interior heating. The written warranty is the sole remedy for all Autotherm® post vehicle operation heating systems and may not be modified verbally or in writing without the written consent of one of its officers. Defects caused by improper or negligent installation by installers are beyond the control of the company and are expressly not covered by this warranty.

Remedies provided for in the above express warranty are the sole and exclusive remedies. Therefore, no other express or implied warranties are made. Autotherm Division of Enthal Systems, Inc. shall not be liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages, even if previously advised of the possibility of such damages. No warranties, expressed or implied, are made to subsequent owners, even if such ownership transfer is within the original warranty period.

AUTOTHERM® ERS (Energy Recovery System) is a registered trademark of Enthal Systems, Inc.

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