Owner operator driving up and down the I-5 corridor through CA, OR and WA…

A company that knows the meaning of customer satisfaction!

I am an owner operator of a 1998 Peterbilt 379 that hauls loads up and down the I-5 corridor through California, Oregon and Washington.

Last October I purchased and had installed one of Autotherm’s T-2500D Energy Recovery Systems. From the very beginning the System worked fantastic for me. I had also installed an APU at about the same time the T-2500D was installed and I found that the T-2500 was so efficient and effective that it dramatically reduced the amount of time that I needed to operate the APU. I was very pleased with the System.

However, after a few months the T-2500 stopped operating and the installer, even after several attempts, was unable to determine the cause of the failure. Your Customer Service Department was notified about the problem I was having and then you called me. We discussed the problem, you assured me that everything would be taken care of and we set a scheduled date and time for a
service person to come from Lake Zurich, Illinois all the way to Portland, Oregon to alleviate my problem.

It was found that there was nothing functionally wrong with the T-2500D. During the installation of the unit the wire that provides battery power to the Central Control Unit (CCU) of the T-2500 was not insulated nor secured properly and, over time, the wire moved and shorted out against the cab frame. I was provided with a new CCU, a new power harness, a lot of good information about your idle reduction System from your Service Man and then I was on my way in a very short period of time with a perfectly functioning Energy Recovery System. That is what I call service!!

I have a number of owner operator friends who are interested in installing your product in their vehicles.
You can bet that I will not only tell them about how great the product works but also about a company that knows the meaning of customer satisfaction.

Richard Martinez
Alhambra, California