Enthal Systems, Inc. Introduces Fuel Saving, Comfort Enhancing Product to Commercial Trucking Industry

The Autotherm Division of Enthal Systems, Inc. announced today the introduction of the AUTOTHERM® ERS system, designed to provide fuel savings and comfort to commercial truckers operating in cold climates.

This system maintains a comfortable temperature in the truck cab after the vehicle is turned off. It uses a small, easily installed motor and pump to circulate the hot water in the engine block and run the vehicle’s interior fans to keep the cab warm, saving hundreds of dollars per cold-season in fuel costs from idling.

Used for years by police agencies to keep patrol cars warm while officers made frequent stops or had to leave engines turned off during undercover stakeouts, AUTOTHERM® is now being offered to the commercial trucking industry, “We added a sophisticated central control that allows many features our field tests have shown truckers want,” says Frank Perhats, Sr., the ompany’s President. “Among other features the control unit shuts the system off automatically if a voltage decrease is sensed, or if the outside temperature rises, or after a certain period of time has elapsed.”

Enthal Systems targeted the commercial trucking industry after reviewing a U.S. Department of Energy report stating that 3.18 billion gallons of fuel are wasted each year through truck idling. “With fuel prices where they are now, vehicle operators can recover the cost of this unit several times over with one season’s worth of idling in fuel savings,” says Mr. Perhats. “Add in maintenance savings from less engine wear and tear, and the bottom-line impact can be substantial.”

The Autotherm Division of Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in providing fuel saving, comfort enhancing products to commercial fleets and owner-operators. Invented in 1974, AUTOTHERM® post-operation vehicle heating systems have been installed in thousands of vehicles throughout the world. Autotherm is headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

July 2 2001