No Idle Vehicle Interior Heating/Ventilating 24 Volt Version

Lake Zurich, IL, April 1, 2010

The Autotherm® No Idle Vehicle Interior Heating/Ventilating System now has a 24 volt version available for military, construction and agricultural equipment and European trucks.

Autotherm Division ESI has recently announced the addition of a 24 volt version of their Energy Recovery Systems (ERS). The model T-2524 line entered limited production in April. The 24 volt version of the ERS has the same features and capabilities as the 12 volt version and comes in the Standard and Deluxe Models (T-2524S & D).

This new Autotherm® model line meets all state and federal EPA and CARB emissions requirements as a non-emitting technology.

As with the T-2500 line the new T-2524 24 volt line of Autotherm® ERS Systems consists of three main components that weigh less than five pounds and occupy

less than 1/4 of a cubic foot in total volume. The System requires no periodic maintenance and can easily be installed in about three hours on any 24 volt negative ground vehicle that has a water cooled traction engine with an in-cab heater and an enclosed cab. Once turned on by the equipment operator at the beginning of the heating season, the System operates and terminates operation automatically each time the operator turns the ignition off while stopping to load and unload and at fuel, meal, rest and paperwork stops. The operator can leave the equipment safely locked and return hours later to a warm interior, with an exterior free of snow and ice and ready to be driven.

While operating, the AUTOTHERM® System uses miniscule amounts of electricity from the vehicle’s battery, which the System monitors 24/7. The AUTOTHERM® System works by powering the vehicle’s existing heater when the engine is off. This enables the heater to recover the stored waste energy previously generated and paid for when the vehicle was being driven.

The Autotherm® logo “Get Green® with Autotherm®” carries the double meaning of being very environmentally friendly with an exceptionally quick R.O.I (Greenbacks saved) for users of this non fuel burning, non emitting and maintenance free vehicle interior heating system.

The typical ROI for the ERS System installed in a vehicle in a commercial application is 2–6 months with some documented ROI’s of less than 5 weeks.

According to the Department of Energy Commercial Vehicle Idling Study, eliminating winter idling can return a per-season average savings of between $2500 and $4500 [at today’s fuel prices] in fuel and maintenance costs

for each vehicle in the fleet. Applied to large commercial and governmental fleets, the elimination of idling can result in enormous reductions in operating costs. After the initial ROI those savings go right to the bottom line as profit. Fuel not consumed is fuel not bought and paid for. Idle elimination attained by the equipment in the military, commercial construction and agriculture industries can have an enormous environmental impact, saving billions of gallons of fuel and eliminating trillions of tons of air pollution.

The original 12 volt AUTOTHERM® System was invented by the company’s founder who pioneered the energy recovery, no idle vehicle interior heating system during the first fuel crises in the mid seventies. AUTOTHERM® was then used on tens of thousands of police cars in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe.

The company was an early recipient of an Inventions & Innovations Development Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy and the D.O.E. later requested the company to develop a system for use on commercial vehicles, which it did earlier in this decade.

Autotherm® is now expanding this fuel saving and pollution reducing technology to the vehicles and equipment that are powered by 24 volt electrical systems.

The AUTOTHERM® Division of ESI is a leading provider of fuel-saving, comfort-enhancing products to commercial fleets, municipalities, law enforcement vehicles, the military, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and individual owner-operators. For more information regarding the AUTOTHERM® Energy Recovery System, please contact:

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